The World According to Rednecks, Which Sucks for the Rest of the World

While browsing the BBC News website, I saw that the top two websites were the most emailed. I think this shows us Americans just how important this election is, and that the world really is watching.

Obama win preferred in world poll. The numbers here speak for themselves:

  • of 22 countries polled, all believe Obama should be president

  • citizens prefer Obama at a ratio of 4 to 1 over McCain

  • in 17 of the countries, people think Obama would improve international relationships, while people 19 of the countries believe McCain would simply maintain the status quo

Why rednecks may rule the world. Honestly, this scares the crap out of me. I often wonder at the intelligence of the average American, and knowing that 1/3 of Americans probably fit my definition of a redneck, I'm utterly terrified of what may come November 4.

That everyday people are focusing on Palin's looks, her daughter's pregnancy, the fact that she's "one of us," scares the ever-living shit out of me. I want someone who is superior to me to run the country, someone who went to some of the best colleges in the country, someone who's worked with the best and the brightest this country has to offer. Call me uppity if you want, but I want the very best for my country and for the world, and a team composed of a man whose greatest acts occurred half a century ago and a woman who shoots moose and lies for fun just isn't my ticket.
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I'm with you! She clearly does not represent what I want the country to be like or the direction of thought that I want my children to embrace.

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