Questions Meme

My first ever meme, and I'm actually posting!

The questions are courtesy [info]elfwreck

1) What's your opinion of fandom_wank (the group at, not the activity in general)? Like, hate, indifferent to, oblivious to, something else? I find fandom_wank to be a form of entertainment. It's useful when I'm bored and want something funny to read. I stay away from most wanks that involve areas of fandom that I'm involved in (Harry Potter, Doctor Who), but when I don't know the people, it's amusing to see how things degenerate into a mass of whiny sarcasm. SPN wank has to be my favorite.

2) What do you hate in (decently well-written) fanfic? Not exactly "what squicks you," but what makes you not like an otherwise good story? This is hard, because I have my little bones to pick about grammar and spelling that are more preferences than problems with the story. I guess, aside from those, I'd have to go with a lack of warnings. I hate being surprised by vampire!fic or necrophilia or really graphic violence. I can read them, if I'm expecting it, but to be really enjoying a story and suddenly find out that it's something I have to be in the mood to read, really annoys me.

3) Do you consider yourself well-educated? Why or why not? I'd consider myself semi-well educated. I had an excellent high school education, but I've not yet graduated from college. I am quite skilled in math and science, but lacking in languages and history. I'd definitely prefer to be more well-rounded.

4) If you could vacation anywhere, where would you choose? I'd go back to Ireland. I went when I was 14 and fell in love with the place. I love how green it is, and the accents, and how lovely everyone I met was.

5) What do you hope to accomplish this year? I'd love to get healthy and stay that way. I have so many health issues that are holding me back that I'd really love to get under control. I want to be able to move on with my life.

Feel free to respond for questions of your own!